Mission Statement
The mission of the Upper Minnesota River Watershed District is to serve the residents of the District by wisely and judiciously managing water, in a manner that sustains and enhances the social, economic and natural resources of the District.  
The District prefers the use of innovative water management methods, which recognize the unique agricultural, community, lake and stream, and natural resources within the District.  These innovative approaches as reflected by the policies of the District should be oriented toward ensuring the economic viability of the District’s agrarian community.

Board Meetings
The UMRWD Board of Managers meets on the second Tuesday of each month.

About the UMRWD
The Upper Minnesota River Watershed District is one of Minnesota's 44 Watershed Districts.  Located at the headwaters of the Minnesota River, we were formed by petition by Big Stone County in 1967 and cover parts of Big Stone, Traverse, Swift, Lac qui Parle and Stevens counties.  Our district covers 505 square miles and includes lakes such as Big Stone, Marsh, Long Tom, Lyseng, Thielke, Bentson, Barry, Shible, and Otrey.

211 2nd Street SE | Ortonville, MN 56278
Phone: 320-839-3411 | Fax: 320-839-3313
This page was last updated: November 8, 2019
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The UMRWD Overall Plan  is now posted on our web page under resources.

Whetstone River Restoration: Check out this map to see the locations of key elements of this project. 

Big Stone Lake Water Quality Report
Click here for the 2018 Big Stone Lake Summary Report completed by RMB Labs

Permit Filing Deadline: 
Permit applications are to be received a minimum of five business days prior to the next board meeting for consideration at that meeting. If requesting a permit for installing tile, all tile sizes and lengths must be in included on the permit; applications that do not include tile size and length will not be considered for approval. Please visit our Permitting link for additional information.