The Buffer Law that was signed into law by Governor Dayton in June 2015 was amended by the Legislature and signed into law by Governor Dayton on April 25, 2016. To read the full bill click here

UMRWD along with local partners Big Stone County and Big Stone Soil & Water Conservation District have been actively updating and tracking all activity associated with the legislation.  The public is welcome to stop at any Local Agency for more information.  On June 1st 2016 the Local Agencies co sponsored an informational meeting in which the public was invited to review the live proposed buffer maps, enjoy a light lunch and hear from both DNR and BWSR regarding the law.  Represenative Jeff Backer and Represenative TIm Miller also attended and spoke briefly on their work.  Below you can view the video (credit: vicki Oakes). 

To view the DNR proposed buffer maps click here.
To learn more on the Board of Soil & Water Resources interpretation click here.

For the purpose of this project the DNR defines public waters as: all lakes, wetlands and watercourses that meet the criteria set forth in Minnesota Statutes 103G.005, subd. 15 and are designated on public waters inventory maps.

All Public Waters will be mapped as requiring a 50-foot buffer, with two exceptions:

*Public Water Watercourses that are also a Public Ditch, and do not have a DNR    assigned shoreland classification (will be mapped as a requiring 16.5-foot buffer).

*Public Water Wetlands that do not have a DNR assigned shoreland classification (will not be mapped).

Contact any of your local government units for more information or claification.