Prioritize Target Measure Aplication (PTMApp)

In March of 2016 UMRWD was awarded $123,000.00 to obtain the PTM Application for local partner use.  Houston Engineering Inc was contracted to produce the model with local staff aiding in grant tracking, facilitating public information and ground truthing drainage.  The model is slated to be complete July of 2017.

Establish the relative importance of resources within the area you
manage. Lakes, streams, and wetlands are frequently potential
resource concerns included in prioritization processes. Use PTMApp
products in conjunction with other models and Zonation to help
prioritize resource concerns. PTMApp can help select resources that
are a priority and locations where management actions should be

Once possible best management practices (BMPs) locations are
identified for feasibility, potential locations must be evaluated for
their combined effectiveness. PTMApp can generate data to provide
feasible locations for implementing practices that will provide
measurable water quality improvements for priority resources. There
are a number of factors that might influence preferred practices,
including existing practices in place and landowner participation.

A measurable goal may be the load reduction needed to restore a
lake or river reach, or a maximum load to protect a resource. PTMApp
can compare the estimated benefits of the Targeted Implementation
Plan to water quality goals. Results of this analysis can show the
scenarios that will provide the reductions needed to reach
your planning goals. This information helps users
implement the best possible practices in
the most effective location.